Captain Robert Barclay Allardice


Inducted Into the New

Scottish Sports Hall of Fame


Captain Robert Barclay Allardice, Great-Great-Great-Grandfather of Richard Barclay Allardice (Current Chief of the Allardice Family) was the first of the original 50 Inductees inducted into the new Scottish Sports Hall of Fame.  The ceremony was held on November 30, 2002 (St. Andrews Day) at the Royal Museums of Scotland in Edinburgh.  Follow this link for a brief history of his athletic accomplishments:


Since Richard Barclay Allardice was unable to attend the ceremony, he has asked James (Jim) K. Allerdice Jr., President of the Allardice/Ardis Family Association, to attend to represent the family.  The letter of invitation and itinerary are shown below.

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Jim and his family were honored to accept the award on behalf of the Allardice Family.  Here are some pictures from the awards ceremony:


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"On June 1, 1809 Captain Robert Barclay Allardice  undertook what was then the greatest sporting feat ever attempted - to walk one thousand miles in one thousand hours for one thousand guineas. Six weeks later, exhausted and on the verge of collapsing, he completed his challenge and instantly became the most famous sporting figure of Regency times. Gentleman, pugilist, athlete, trainer and soldier - Captain Barclay's life was reckless, extravagant and thrilling. Enormous sums of money were won and lost on him and he himself earned several fortunes, though he was to die in deranged poverty. His remarkable story opens a window on to the world of eighteenth-century sport - a rough, dangerous and often corrupt world driven by money."

(This Book is currently out of print.)



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