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Recently, a group of Allerdice family members have begun an enormous Web Project with the stated goals of posting the Allardice family history and genealogy on the Web.

At first, my goal was simple, try to get back in contact with my cousins that I had lost touch with and maybe try to set up a family reunion within the next few years. I also was curious to find out some more information about my family's history and I wanted to prove the genealogy that my Aunt had given me several years ago that traces our family back to Sir John Allardice of Allardice, the Chief of the Allardice family ca. 1662.

As I started researching, I found a wonderful website at Lo and behold, I had found an unbelievable link to our past and an outstanding source of family information. Tom Ardis had an Allerdice Home Page that confirmed much of the information that I already had on the family. Tom was gracious enough to send me megabytes of information on the Allerdice/Ardis family. This inspired me to begin doing some web searches on the Allerdice name and several of the other 32 spellings.

As I began searching the web, I came across another website: owned by a Wallace Allerdice. I wondered if this could be a relative. I knew that my family had once lived in Saratoga County, NY, but I had no records of any of my Great Grandfathers parents, brothers or sisters. As I searched on, I came across a wonderful lady, Ruth Ann Messick, who belongs to an organization called the "Heritage Hunters of Saratoga County". Ruth Ann was able to give me information that confirmed that Wallace Allerdice was the Grandson of William Allerdice, who was my Great Grandfather Joseph Allerdice's brother. This was wonderful - the world of Allerdice began to open up before my eyes.

Next, I came across an Annie Allerdice. Could this be my long lost 2nd cousin? Well, I emailed her and guess what - it was! I told her what I had found on other branches of our family, and about Tom Ardis' website, and the quest was on!

Annie, Tom and I started searching the web and our various family documents to try and find more Allardice's and to try to link up as many family members as possible. Our next major find was Bruce Allardice.

Bruce has done so much research on the Allardice family history it is mind-boggling. We naturally appointed him as our family historian immediately upon learning of his outstanding work. One of his many accomplishments is a wonderful monograph of the Allardice history. Bruce's monograph is registered in both the Library of Congress and the Latter Day Saints library in Salt Lake City. Bruce has been kind enough to share his information with us and allow us to post it on the web. Bruce has also written an article for the Clan Graham Society Newsletter. It gives a short historical perspective on the Allardice family and how we are related to the Grahams. I'm sure you will enjoy it!

I contacted my 2nd cousin John Allerdice and told him what had been happening. John was very excited and volunteered to help in any way he could. "Well, Ok John" I said - "how about helping me plan an Allardice family reunion." "Sure" he said. Little did he know what I was getting him in to.

That brings us up to where we are now with our Web Project. We have divided up tasks to cover more area faster. Annie is a Web Searchin' Machine. She has been beating the bushes, and as Tom puts it, "kicking up Allardice's/Ardis' like quail in season." Annie has been emailing Allardice's everywhere to let them know about our websites and asking them if they would like to be put on our email list to keep updated on our quest. Tom will be using his website primarily for historical information on the family. He will soon be posting Bruce's Monograph on the Allardice Family on his website. This will give Allardice's a place to go to find out facts about our history, where we came from, and where we are going. My website will be used primarily as a genealogical resource for the family. Eventually, we hope to show how every Allerdice branch of the family is related. I also will have a page for updates on the WorldWide Allardice Family Reunion. John Allerdice is helping plan the reunion to be held at the Stone Mountain Highland Games in Stone Mountain, GA, USA, in the fall of 2001. All Allardice's everywhere, no matter how you spell your name, are welcome and encouraged to attend. It's gonna be a once in a life time event that you won't want to miss!

The Web Project Core Team, Annie, Tom, Bruce, John and I can be contacted through either of our websites. If you are an Allardice and would like to share your history and/or genealogy information, please contact us at either or We would love to have any information that you are willing to share and we always love to meet Allardice's/Ardis' when ever we can. If you would like to be put on the Allardyce email list, please drop me a line at: - I will be happy to add you to our list.

James (Jim) K. Allerdice Jr.

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