The 1911 census of England has finally come out on ancestry.com. The main piortion isn't yet indexed, but I was able to find what I wanted.


In Lostwithiel, Enumeration District 5, on image 174 of the ancestry database for that ED, at "Rosehill," is:

 Robert Barclay Allardice, 69, physician, born Hamilton, Canada

Beatrice Maud Barclay Allardice, 26, wife, born St. Winnow's, Cornwall

Mary Graham Barclay Allardice, 1, born Lanlivery

Ethel Annie Jeffrey, 13, at school born St. Winnow's, sister in law

and one servant


The name of the sister finally gave definitive info (to me, at least) of Maud's family. From census information, she was the daughter of William Henry and Mary Jane Jeffery, in St. Winnow's, Cornwall on the 1891 census. WH is a farm laborer. The couple has a son, Albert, 10 and a daughter Beatrice Maud age 6. By 1901 Maud, age 16, is servant to the Barclay Allardices. 1901 St. Winnow's has William 45 (farm laborer) and Mary 44, with son Albert 20, plus kids Arthur 9, Frederick 6, and Ethel A. 3.

Hope this helps.

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