by Virginia Putnam Maenpaa

My husband, John W. Maenpaa, passed away from pancreatic cancer on May 9, 2001. His sense of humor and basic philosophies of life are what kept us all going.  He just asked to be kept pain free - and we did that to the best of our abilities.

Several years ago we were able to visit the British Isles.  The time we spent in Edinburgh was indeed a highlight of that trip.  Although not of Scot descent himself, John always enjoyed my "WASP" relatives, including Richard Christopher Barclay Allardice (Heir Apparent to the Baronial Line of Allardice) and the many tales of our ancestry.

He would have enjoyed the upcoming Allardice/Ardis Reunion and I know he is wishing us well.

- Virginia (Putnam) Maenpaa

Note: Virginia is a 1st cousin to Richard Christopher Barclay Allardice