1st World Wide Family Reunion

Stone Mountain Park -Atlanta, Georgia, USA

October 19-20. 2001


Well folks - it finally really happened!  And a good time was had by all!  What a wonderful way to spend a weekend!  Meeting all of you was an experience I will never forget!  What a great time!


If you missed the reunion, you can get a glimpse of all the activities by looking at this first installment of the pictures.  Several people had cameras and have promised to email them to me to be included here.  Unfortunately, several of these pictures turned out pretty dark and hard to see.  I had to brighten them up so some of them are pretty grainy.  I will be working to put more captions on the rest of these pictures in the near future.


If you notice at the top - the title is the "1st" World Wide Family Reunion!  I think all who attended will agree - we MUST do this again - and we will!  Take care and enjoy the pictures - more to come!




Jim Allerdice


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