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On Tuesday September 11, 2001, Four planes were Hijacked, Two were flown into the World Trade Towers, One into the Pentagon, and one crashed short of it's destination in rural Pennsylvania. There have been many stories on the news of the families who are looking for their relatives and praying they are still alive. America is mourning the deaths of many American lives.  This page is in memory of those who are not with us because of these heinous events.


"The Night No One Would Dream"

Four planes were missing

And going the wrong way

We thought at the beginning

This would be a normal day

We watched in horror as the towers collapsed

The Pentagon burned

A rural Philly fire spread

The President said they will pay for this

Who would pay and when?

It was a night no one would dream

Because they would see the burning buildings

It was a night no one would dream

Because they would see the planes crash and explode

It was a night no one would dream

A second day that will Live in Infamy

Please Send out prayers to those who are still looking for their families and for those who have lost there lives in search for others who might still be alive.

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