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History of Arbuthnott Parish - 1908.pdf - Highly recommended reading!

Allardice History courtesy of William Cowie

History of The Howe of the Mearns - This is the area of Scotland that the Allardice Family is from.

General History of the Highlands - Read history 1636-1650 to learn more about the time period when James Allardice of Allardice, Sir John's father, was killed. (see Allardyce's of Dunninald - below)

Allardyce's of Dunninald (follow link then scroll down)

Dunninald Castle - Where Sir John Allardice lived after the death of his father until he returned to Allardice Castle as Laird. (See Allardyce's of Dunninald above)

Dunninald Castle Website

Airth Castle This website has some good information on it concerning Airth castle.  Allardice's are the heirs of the line of the Earls of Arith and Menteith.

Menteith History is a history of the Earldom of Menteith.  Allardice's are the Heirs of the line of Menteith.

Glendronach Scotch Whisky Distillery founded by James Allardes in 1826.  You can order this at your local liquor store!  Here's more info on The Glendronach from David Allardice of Australia! 

Barclay Clan Info - shows some of the relationships to Robert Barclay Allardice.  This is the Official Clan Barclay site.

Facts or Fiction from the 1500's?

Edgar Allardyce Wood - a.k.a. Kerry Wood - this link was given to us courtesy of Robert Havlicek.

Three Boars Heads - Annie Allerdice's research on the Coat of Arms


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