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What's New on Allerdice.Net

Added The Allardyce Book of 1923 (7/13/14)

Updated the In Memory Page. (7/4/2013)

Updated the In Memory Page. (6/23/2013)

Added Genealogy/RBA-1921-census.htm New info on RBA in Lostwithiel in 1911. (7/13/2011)

Added The History of the Earldoms of Strathearn, Monteith, and Airth. (5/1/2011)

Added a document discovered by The Lord Alderdice concerning the Airth Peerage. (5/1/2011)

Added link to an article on the wedding of William and Kate that shows William holding the title of Earl of Strathearn. (5/1/2011)

Updated information on History/Glendronach/Glendronach 2009.pdf - This information provided by David Allardice of Australia. (7/23/10)

Added Genealogy/PROBATE REGISTER.pdf - From UK early 1900's with several different Allardice spellings and references. (7/23/10)

Added Donations Page (3/15/08)

Added the History of Arbuthnott Parish - 1908 - a PDF File with interesting facts about Allardice's as well as Arbuthnott's

Updated The Glendronach Page with the Shand Family History Extracts concerning James Allardes (12/26/07)

Added Stackhouse-Allerdice Family Picture (7/16/07)

Added Chief's Page (6/27/07)

Added Births Page (3/27/07)

Updated History Links (11/26/04)

Added Three Boars Heads - Annie Allerdice's research on the Coat of Arms(11/14/04)

Added Census Page for Scotland 1841-91 and US 1900 Census' (1/25/04)

Added Captain Robert Barclay Allardice Page and updated Hyperlinks (12/31/02)

Added Pictures from the Stone Mountain Highland Games 2002 (10/30/02)

Updated the Memorial Page and Changed Bruce Allardice's Email Address (5/31/02)

Updated Reunion Pictures and added link to the Barons of Allardice (1/13/02)

Added several new History Links (10/27/01)

Added Links Concerning the Tragedies of September 11, 2001. (9/22/01)

Added several History and Genealogy Links (9/14/01)

My Daughter's Memorial Page for the victims of September 11, 2001 (9/13/01)

Updated Reunion Information (8/26/01)

Added History Link to Airth Castle (8/26/01)

New Optimization of website to load faster (4/4/01)

Facts from the 1500's? (2/13/01)

New Year - New Home Page Design (12/31/00)

Added the Biz Page (12/31/00)

Rearranged Navigation Buttons for ease of use (11/13/00)

Removed Discussion Page due to lack of use (11/13/00)

Added Link to Reunion 2001 Page on Allardice.Org (11/13/00)

Added a Link to the GenForum from the Home Page (11/13/00)

Several new Documents and History Links (9/25/00)

Aerial Photographs of Allardice Castle (7/31/00)

Compilation of Allardice Castle References (6/20/00)

Added a link to the Northern Ireland Assembly Page on the Lord Alderdice Page (6/18/00)

Changed Banner to Our Tartan - Graham of Menteith (6/1/00)

Changed Mearns Map from .BMP to .JPG to load faster (6/1/00)

Updated Home Page and improved navigation of the site (5/27/00)

Moved all Genealogy related links to the Genealogy Page (5/27/00)

Added Goals Page (5/27/00)

New links on the Links Page (5/23/00)

Letter from Bud Huffman about his visit to Allerdice Castle (5/23/00)

New pictures of Allardice Castle from 1970 (5/22/00)

New Page about The Kirk of St. Ternan (5/22/00)

The Lord Alderdice Page  (5/10/00)

We have added an enhanced Map of the Mearns area (4/28/00)

We have added easy navigation links to ArdisNet and to the Arbuthnott websites.  ArdisNet is our sister site and the Arbuthnott's were our neighbors in Scotland. (4/23/00) 


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